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  Hi, this Tim, owner of California Naturescaping, full service landscaping company in Ramona, California.  My company offers Nature-Based Landscaping, or what is often called sustainable solutions for residential and small businesses in San Diego County.


A garden is meant to attract you outside, so you can enjoy nature. But too many gardens we see feel kind of hard and fake. That is why we create naturalistic and non fussy gardens, that make your yard more park-like, sustainable and inviting to family and friends


Some DIY projects may look easy, until you start them, like tearing out that lawn, choosing the right plants, digging that new path or building a garden wall. We can help you do the hard parts so you can spend more time enjoying your yard.

Preserving the environment is very important to us. Therefore, to protect the home and surrounding environment, our craftsman are skilled and use only safe and natural maintenance practices.

A hidden leak or a badly programmed sprinkler controller wastes water, money and means stressed and dead plants. So, let our Quality Water Efficient Landscape technician fix and fine tune your sprinkler system

nature-based landscaping

Here are some of the amazing  benefits we have available:

  landscaping that creates a nature inspired experience.

23 years crafting home gardens. 50 years landscaping experience

We  write detailed  estimates, so you know what you pay for.

Let us create a special garden for you. so Get started Now.

Our team specializes in Nature-based landscaping services, so you are assured of receiving thoughtful landscape installation and renovation projects. Whether its just a leaky sprinkler or bigger project of removing an old, tired water thirsty lawn to put in a water efficient garden, we will do the job. So, please gives us a call, so we can help out!

The Team

Our amazing team provides real results for you.


owner and long time landscaper/gardener


professional landscaper, nature lover and artist,

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