An example of our landscaping service is a small natural waterfall and pond, incorporating rounded stones and natuve plantsOur Landscaping Services

We offer complete landscape services for residences and small business. As we illustrate in our About Us page, we focus our services by providing Nature based solutions to landscape design, installation and maintenance. This puts us in the vanguard of the landscape industry. We have extensive experience in both maintenance and installation of landscapes. There are some great incentives to help us achieve our goals. For example there is the lawn replacement rebate program.  We will help you take advantage of the government incentive to replace your lawn with a beautiful garden. These rebates will help pay for the removal of the lawn and installation of  your new landscape. Please look through our offerings and contact us for more information or a free quote.

Design and consultation

Let us design a natural, sustainable park-like landscape for you. The design process includes a thorough evaluation of soil, light, obstacles to construction, the surrounding landscapes, aesthetics, desired uses for the property and the like.


landscape installation

We install everything from plantings to patios. Ours skills include pipe fitting, carpentry, masonry , rock work, grading, soil preparation and paving.  Would like to incorporate a waterfall into your landscape? We can do that, too



We design, install and repair landscape irrigation systems. Water is the most precious natural resource in California. As such, it should be used but not wasted. Let us do an irrigation audit to see where you can save water. Maybe it is as simple as replacing your old “dumb” sprinkler controller with an EPA certified smart one that can save 30% on your water bill. We are QWEL certified (Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers).



It can be costly to let your bit of paradise fall into repair. Our landscaping services will keep your landscape in full health and functionality. Fire prevention is very important consideration in maintenance. We use city of San Diego fuel thinning guidelines. Need your gutters fixed? We provide handyman services. The only thing we shy away from is mowing lawns. But we do repair a lot of sprinklers broken of by those mow, blow and go landscapers.