Your path to nature

with a sustainable garden

The effects of climate change, heat waves, droughts, severe storms, microplastics turning up in our food, polluted air and water, can all seem like overwhelming problems. Surely, what can I do? I’m just one of millions. Create your path to Nature. One solution is right in our back yard. Gardens can be a solution.

Nature based landscaping will help the climate, regenerated groundwater supplies, reduce harmful urban runoff, cool the atmosphere, preserve native wildlife, provide fresh supplies of organic fruits and vegetables. All these and benefits to mental an physical health are the paths to general well being both of ourselves and the planet are .

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How we do it

The path to a great landscape

We employ several strategies in creating your path to Nature. We use natural materials and native plants wherever possible. We avoid using harmful chemicals. We save water with smart timers and drip irrigation. We use tools powered by renewable energy. Also, we don’t try to sell you expensive hardscape, plastic grass or structures you don’t want just to pad our balance sheet. We are experts at building most anything, but we want to keep your project within your budget. Quality over quantity is our mantra.

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let us take care  of it

sit back and relax

With over 50 years landscaping experience behind the company management, you can be assured you will get the best quality work for a reasonable price. Respecting nature means respecting people also. We follow your timeline and conditions. Our workers won’t wake you up pre-dawn to the sound of a jack hammer. We won’t cut and run after the job is over. Our supervisor will remain available to handle any challenges you later have. Clients have been calling on us for twenty years. We will make sure all your concerns are met before we leave the job

We also believe in small town values and honesty. We are not going to charge you for a 15 gallon tree and put in a 5 gallon shrub.  We respect the laws and ordinances and carry required and supplement insurance to protect you and you property.

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